Steel Structures and Metalwork: Fabrication Dulac Is Ready for the Future

Fabrication Dulac is a growing business specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structures and metalwork. We’ve been expanding and optimizing our processes since day one.

At Fabrication Dulac, our teams communicate and collaborate, from initial project assessment right up to installation. It’s a big plus for our clients. As soon as we start on a project, every step is planned and executed to maximize the efficiency of each team, bringing a high degree of precision to our work. With Fabrication Dulac, you never have to worry about cost overruns, production delays, or products that don’t meet your specifications.

Fabrication Dulac also offers in depth knowledge of steel structures and metalwork for cold climates thanks to our experience working on major sites in Northern Quebec and Northern Canada.


A solid reputation in steelwork since 1999

Stephane Dulac launched his business in 1999 repairing and fabricating steel equipment for local clients and quickly spotted the opportunities in the metalwork and steel structure sectors. With his reputation for quality products delivered on schedule, Stephane seized the opportunities that came his way, building his business and its position in the industry.

Fabrication Dulac has been working hard ever since, offering clients the best possible value, no matter how complex the project. Satisfying clients and meeting the highest standards for the area where the project will be installed is the number one priority for everyone on the team and for all of Dulac’s partners.

Advanced equipment in a state of the art plant

In 2016, we expanded our facilities up to over 18,000 sq. ft., with 16,000 sq. ft. dedicated to fabrication.

We’re constantly making investments to improve the efficiency of our fabrication process and have the equipment on hand to tackle welding jobs of every kind.
We also have equipment that puts us in a league of our own in terms of production capacity:

  • A 300 tonne press brake for pieces as short as 1 in. and as long as 12 ft.
  • Two plasma cutting tables, including a Machitech Platinum Cut for large formats up to 8 inches thick. Fast and accurate, the Machitech Platinum Cut has a full contour bevel head for weld preps and cuts holes using plasma technology
  • A BeamCut 50 next generation robot that combines technology, performance, and flexibility for a variety of precision cuts on flatbars, H beams, I beams, and tubes.


A team of experts dedicated to your project

At Fabrication Dulac, we rely on a team of skilled, adaptable experts who have been working together for years. It’s one of our biggest strengths. Our employees enjoy safe working conditions and our welders are all CWB certified. We also have a strong network of industry professionals ready to come on board whenever we need them for big jobs.

All our employees share our belief in respect, integrity, product quality, teamwork, excellence, and commitment — values that are personified by our experienced management team

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